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Learn How to Fly: An Arm Balancing Workshop

Join Eirini in this informative and fun workshop, where we are going to break down 4 arm balances that can be used throughout your yoga practice transitioning you into flight.


We will explore techniques to support your physical body as well as modifications for adjusting the asana to your needs. Our intention will be to cultivate inner strength, trust and courage in order for you to take the leap and fly!


We will learn, practice and then experience the liberating feeling of flying into transitions!

For more information or to book your place in this event please call or email us!

Dates & Prices


Dates:   Friday 15 Mar 2020   12.00-14.00


Price:   €20 per person /  €18 for Inner Hive students


Registration and Payment deadline: Mar 12th 2020. 

Payment for this event must be paid by in full by this date. 

Payment and Cancellation Policy:

  • Before 8th of March 100% refundable

  • After the 9th of March 0% refundable

Limited places available

This event will be held in Greek and English

Who is this for?

The workshop is suitable for everyone! For students who want to advance their asana by learning specific techniques to safely transition into arm balancing, as well as for those looking to deepen their arm balancing practise by exploring different ways of movement and transitions. 

You'll walk with

  • An understanding of fundamental alignment in arm balances

  • Techniques to support your body and safely transition into arm balancing

  • A resilient mind and confidence to try arm balancing without fear

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