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A Special Fundraising Flow for  Refugees & Hope Cafe. 

If we have learnt anything from this eventful year is the importance of connection. We are proud to run this special event to help those around us who need our love and care at this time.


Christmas is a time of coming together and as most of us have experienced isolation this year and learnt to find gratitude for our freedom, our liberty of movement and the comfort of friends and family. We ask you to imagine what it is like to have no home, no dinner on your table or even a table this Christmas. To be outside in the cold with out a blanket to cover your child. This is the reality for the people who rely on Hope Cafe to help them. As the weather drops and as covid effecting everyone the charity is struggling to meet the requests of the refugees this year. 

You can make a difference and together we can all help! 

For this special event Bryony is going to run a 2 hour yoga session. Think of it as a mini retreat in your home! She will be offering a beautiful heart warming flow full of movement, inspiration, pranayama and meditation to support Hope Cafe Refugee Soul FoodHope Cafes primary function is to Support clothe and feed people in Athens, particularly those unable to support themselves due to displacement or crisis.

This special event will be online and if you can't make the live recording for those of you who donate a recording of the class will be made available for you to watch when you can! 

This class will run on a donation basis and we ask you to give what you can. 

A donation of 10 Euros will feed a single person with the following basic items: oil, rice, chickpeas, pasta, tomatoes paste, salt, sugar, flour, potatoes, onions, tea, shampoo, soap, toothpaste. 

A donation of 35 Euro will cover a family with the same items

A donation of 25 Euros will provide a double warm blanket 

If you are feeling incredibly generous 95 Euro will help a family for a month. We have been informed that most of the families are highly vulnerable with children needing medical care. 

We are asking for a minimum of 10 Euros but what ever you have to give we will be so glad to receive. 

We really look forward to this opportunity practising yoga in all its forms. Yoga is to connect, to serve and to see love in all. 

Dates & Prices


20th of December           12.00 - 14.00 GMT+ 2 

Price:   Suggested Minimum Donation 10 Euro

This event will be held in English

To book this class please make a donation to via Paypal with the subject Fundraising Flow then send us an email with your name and details where a link will be sent out to you before the class. 

Please select sending to friends or family when paying or please cover the cost. 

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What's Included

  • An opportunity to help a family in need

  • 2 hour flow with Bryony 

  • Video recording to keep on practising! 

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