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Join Bryony as she guides you through a 15 minute playful flow working through some core work to help you fly off into Bakasana! 

Level 1

A 20 minute internal flow of meeting the moment and allowing yourself to just be. Join Bryony as she takes you out of your head and into your heart. 

Level 2+

The Bhagavad Gita. Chapter-2, verse-48 teaches us the Yoga is Equanimity. In this 20 minute Hatha practise let Bryony guide you through a variety of standing postures to create a little bit more balance in your life today! 

Level 1

Release into your hips and open your heart through this Vinyasa Yoga class with Bryony.


Level 1/2

A short and simple yoga stretch for when you wake up feeling ick! Let our trainer Bryony guide you softly to create a little bit more space in your body today.


Level 1

In this vinyasa yoga class we will open our chest, stimulate our digestion and release old pattern through the power of twisting asana!


Level 1/2

Let Bryony guide you through this fluid yoga asana flow to find contentment in your practise today. Open into the hips and chest with the teachings of santosha.


Level 2

A short meditation to move out of your thoughts and into the flow of breath. Find stillness in the moment with this meditation.

Join Bryony as she guides you through this intermediate yoga flow to witness an internal connection to your self power and personal growth!


Level 2

Ισορροπήστε την ενέργεια μέσα σας και χαλαρώστε το νευρικό σας σύστημα μέσω της πρακτικής της ισόχρονης αναπνοής Sama Vritti Pranayama και του διαλογισμού πάνω στην αίσθηση της αναπνοής στο σώμα.

Tight neck and shoulders? Enjoy this 25 mins yin yoga class to melt away the tension we carry in the upper body and create space! Give your neck, chest and shoulders some space today.

All levels

Be guided through this short meditation to connect to you and raise your energy levels!!! Revitalise with meditation.

All levels

Enjoy this short lessons in chanting the prayer to Ganesh, remover of our obstacles lead by Bryony

All levels

Yoga Philosophy - food for thought. In this short class Bryony will break down the teaching of Ahimsa.

Σύμφωνα με την πρώτη Sutra του σοφού δασκάλου Patanjali η πρακτική της γιόγκα ξεκινάει στο Τώρα. Σε αυτή την πρακτική συνδεόμαστε με την αναπνοή, ενεργοποιούμε το σώμα και εμπιστευόμαστε το πνεύμα μας με σκοπό να κατευνάσουμε τις νοητικές διακυμάνσεις του νου και να μάθουμε να ζούμε στο Τώρα ολοκληρωτικά και με επίγνωση. Επίπεδο 1/2

A class for one of those days when you need stillness and quietness. Let Bryony guide you through this vinyasa class with minimal cues, just in and out of the flow. This class is not recommended for those students new to yoga asana. Level 2+

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