Panos Kontis

Panos was always active as a kid and had a passion for extreme sports for many years. But he wanted to experience something different, something with more of a physical aspect and so he tried martial arts, which he found to be too brutal, he then tried Kung Fu which he thought would be more aligned with his mindset. He practised Kung Fu for three years before starting to feel empty again. 

A few months later a friend invited Panos to try yoga of which he hadn't considered before this point, and so his journey to yoga and his inner self began in a small place in his neighbourhood with Sensei Kostas.

Panos spent the next four years learning this unique technique from his Sensei giving all of himself to the teachings before he realised that he could do it himself.  Panos is honoured to be chosen by Daniel Rama and Shaktibird for their first becoming balance TTC. That was the time when traditional Hatha practise came in and mixed with functional movement and vinyasa flow to his teachings.

In the second year of his yogic studies he had the honour to bring Krishna Taki into his life who became Panos's spiritual father and mentor in Thai massage. It was during his time with Taki at Sunshine House, when he witnessed how the body reacts after giving love and compassion. 

He re-educated himself in Ostheo-Thai techniques and internal movement of the organ system and he is content with the feedback, never imagining that the family of Krishna Taki could given him so much powerful knowledge, knowledge that he tries to give and share in all of his treatments.