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Shiatsu Therapy

Shiatsu in japanese means finger pressure (shi=finger, atsu=pressure). It’s a therapeutic technique that originated from Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine.


.  This technique works by applying pressure on the acupuncture points and the energy channels (meridians) that run through the body, with circumduction of joints and stretching of muscles, tendons and ligaments.


.  The purpose of Shiatsu is the harmonious flow of Qi vital energy that occurs throughout the physical body. Qi stagnation or it's excessiveness can result to many diseases and can be treated through it's mobilisation.


.  This therapeutic technique is applied, among other things, to orthopedic problems (muscular pains, lesions, nape – back – shoulder blade pain ,lumbago, sciatica), digestive disorders (difficulty in digestion, acid reflux, diarrhea – constipation, flatulence), hormonal issues, gynecological problems (menstrual disorders, vaginitis, cysts), autoimmune diseases, headaches – migraines, vertigo, fatigue, sleep disorder, poor circulation, edema, tendinitis, common cold, respiratory difficulties ,asthma, panic attacks.


.  Relaxes the body, cools the emotion, help eliminate anxiety and emotional tension, calm the mind.


.  It is used both as a treatment and as a disease prevention.


.  The personalities of both, the therapist and the patient, interact with each other by means of this technique. This creates a safe environment in which the patient can review his physical body, emotions, and mind, and how these aspects of their identity affect their interaction with their environment, and the stimuli of everyday life.


.  Using a holistic approach to human, Shiatsu therapy focuses not only on the symptoms themselves, but also on the cause of the symptoms. This cause and effect relationship is at the heart of each Shiatsu session. Through the therapeutic process, the patient experiences changes in his physical body, his emotion and his mind. At the same time, the patient feels deep relaxation and wellness, improving the quality of his everyday life and also impacting positively on his future.

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