Steph Contomichalos

Steph was born and grew up in London, lived in a number of countries before moving to Greece where she started Nefeli Nine Retreats, a luxury fitness and wellness retreat company.

As a teenager Steph found her love for sports and gained her black belt in martial arts.  Initially terrified, fearful that she wasn’t going to be good enough or fit in, she gave into sports and learnt how to play. Through sports she learnt also how to work with people, respect and how to set goals and work towards them.
Removing barriers and starting to play enabled her to feel free!

For Steph, sports have been a language, a tool of communication, a way to tap into her creativity, she has always believed that art, music, acting, singing, or any form of ‘play’ will have the same effect. We all have to find our ‘language’ and start speaking it.
Yoga has bridged this gap for Steph and she found a movement practice that allows her to express herself physically and emotionally.


Steph completed her 200H Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training  with Bryony Giboin who really helped her to see yoga as a full, holistic practice.  She also has credited 30 hours Teacher/ Practitioner Movement Training with Alex Nino & Wil Brown. Through her background of sports, movement training and her love of the holistic practise of yoga and her vinyasa training, Steph has created a style that works to pull all of these elements together to help her students build inner strength and outer strength. 

When Steph isn't teaching yoga, you can find her on a hiking trail, by the sea or sitting in a taverna eating everything that has feta on it!