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Monthly Bhakti Yoga Sessions

Bhakti comes from the root of the Sanskrit word bhaj meaning to participate. 

Yoga comes from the root of the Sanskrit word Yuj meaning to join or yoke. 

In these monthly yoga sessions, we will join together  to participate towards our dedication to the path of yoga of which the goal is to still the fluctuations of the mind (1.2 of Patanjali Yoga Sutras) 

Each month we will gather and be guided by Bryony through a special Sunday flow class to move the excess energy through the body and then bring it down into yin yoga to nourish and balance the yin and yang within us. 

Following the movement aspect of our sessions, we will have the wonderful pleasure of working with different yogic facilitators each month to experience deep inner healing through different mediums of yoga.  

Our first Sunday session  and November session we will have the opportunity to relax with sound healing. Sound healing works to tune your brainwaves to frequency and research also proves that it reduces feelings of anger, tension, depression and pain in the physical body.  This session will be run by Holistic Therapist Andreas Yeravshek. 

In our December session we will have the wonderful pleasure to experience Mantra and Nada yoga with Shanti Manpreet. Shanti will guide you through a mediative flow from silence to sound, exploring different layers of sound expression. Mantras are supporting us to recalibrate our sound body and help us on the path of inner peace. 

These sessions are a wonderful opportunity to take time for yourself, your inner healing, learn new mediums of yoga and meet new yogic friends with our tea time after the sessions. 

Dates & Prices


  • Dates:   Sunday October 15th 2023

                      Sunday November 12th 2023

                      Sunday December 10th 2023

  • Times: Sunday October 15th 11.30 - 13.30

                      Sunday November 12th 11.30 - 13.30

                      Sunday December 10th 18.00 -20.00

  • Price:   €30 for one session

                    €75 for all three sessions*  

  • *Prepayment is needed by 12.10.23

  • Payment in non refundable or transferable

  • Limited spots available

  • This event will be held in English

October 15th Includes:


  • 75  minutes Flow & Yin Yoga practise

  • 45 Minutes of  Sound Healing with Andreas

  • Yoga Equipment 

  • Tea after class

November 12th Includes:

  • 75  minutes Flow & Yin Yoga practise

  • 45 Minutes of Sound Healing with Andreas

  • Yoga Equipment 

  • Tea after class

December 10th Includes:

  • 60  minutes Flow & Yin Yoga practise

  • 60 Minutes of Mantra & Nada Yoga with Shanti

  • Yoga Equipment 

  • Tea after class

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About Bryony

Bryony Giboin is an experienced yoga teacher who has dedicated her life to sharing the practice with others. With over 1400 hours of yoga teacher certification, she helps to run Inner Hive, bringing her passion for the practice to students around the world. Bryony's background in dance and as a celebrity fitness trainer inspires her dynamic classes, which are both physically challenging and spiritually enriching.

In her classes, Bryony blends her love for the physical practice with her deep studies of the philosophy of yoga, creating a beautiful fusion of tradition and modernity. Her classes are known for being sweaty, fun, and accessible to all levels of practitioners.

Having practiced yoga for 18 years and taught for 9, Bryony is a true expert in the field. Her dedication to sharing the tools of yoga with others shines through in every class she teaches, and she is a valued member of the yoga community. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or just starting out, Bryony's classes are not to be missed.

About Andreas

Andreas is a prominent figure in the field of alternative and holistic therapies, with expertise in using mild physical exercises to enhance health and wellness. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Reflexology, massage therapies, sound massage, sound therapy, visualisation techniques, and meditation, all of which contribute to a holistic approach to improving health and enhancing energy.

In addition to his work in alternative therapies, Andreas is also a skilled teacher of Chen Tai Chi Quan, Qi Gong, and soft Kung Fu, which he uses for therapeutic purposes. During his sessions, Andreas incorporates sound baths and gongs to create a relaxing and energising atmosphere, and he follows Peter Hess' method of sound therapy to activate energy deeply.

Through his work, Andreas helps people to achieve a greater understanding of their energy self-awareness, as well as to improve their overall physical and mental well-being. Whether you are looking to enhance your health, reduce stress, or simply relax and unwind, Andreas' holistic approach to therapy can help you achieve your goals.

About Shanti Manpreet

Shanti Manpreet’s healing journey led her from an office job as a cartographer to a Sacred Sound and Healing Artist, based in Germany and Greece. As a certified Heart of Sound yoga teacher as well as meditation teacher she facilitates transformative chanting experiences since 5 years. She’s initiated in Meditative Healing, Sound Healing and Light Healing by her teachers Za Rah Kumara and Hansu Jot. As she had no prior musical experience in her life it’s her superpower to encourage people to really trust their own voice and inner guidance by connecting to the Divine through sound. 

Discover more about Shanti here

The Facilitators 

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