Therapy Week 

As a special treat we are invoking Treat Yourself Week! 

From Monday the 4th of November till Saturday the 9th of November all sessions will be running with 25% off!

A perfect mid season gift to your mind, body or even a friend! 

Therapy Week Prices 


  Shiatsu Therapy                  €37 

 Thai Massage                     €48

 Lymphatic Drainage           €33

  Deep Tissue                        €37 

 Cupping                               €37

 Swedish Massage             €37



Shiatsu Therapy

Shiatsu in japanese means finger pressure (shi=finger, atsu=pressure). It’s a therapeutic technique that originated from Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine. This technique works by applying pressure on the acupuncture points and the energy channels (meridians) that run through the body, with circumduction of joints and stretching of muscles, tendons and ligaments.The purpose of Shiatsu is the harmonious flow of Qi vital energy that occurs throughout the physical body. Qi stagnation or it's excessiveness can result to many diseases and can be treated through it's mobilisation.

60 mins

Osteo- Thai Massage

Osteo- thai is a treatment that through stretching, stress and rhythmic pulses, helps to improve not only our musculoskeletal but our overall, mental and physical health.The treatment is for the whole body and helps to improve the circulation of body fluids and also to unblock energy. It also has an effect on the digestive and respiratory system. This treatment improves body posture, flexibility, while at the same time bringing an incredible sense of relaxation and well-being, lightness and joy. Connecting with the patient is done through breathing and communicating, guaranteeing the best possible results.


Deep Tissue

Combined with the detection and treatment of Trigger Points, it is ideal for pain relief and for the return of injured tissues to their original state, through precise and fully targeted soft tissue pressures, stretches, and recommendations for prevention and self-treatment. This makes it possible to address most of the causes that can cause muscle aches. This treatment is also indicated to treat chronic problems, even in cases where other therapies have failed to achieve their goal.



Cupping is an ancient technique that uses suction cups. The cups are suctioned on to the patient's body, creating an air gap so that blood flows to the surface of the skin in the areas that need treatment. It helps to remove muscle tension, improve blood circulation, but also to rebuild cells and regenerate connective tissue. We can use cupping to treat muscle aches, cellulite, and facial rejuvenation. In all cases the results are impressive!


Swedish Massage 

Swedish is the most common type of massage in the western world. Its primary purpose is to relax the whole body. But it doesn't stop there. It contributes to better circulation of blood and lymph, while giving stimulation and well-being. A gift for yourself that will fill you with euphoria.


Lymphatic Drainage 

The lymphatic system is responsible for removing toxins and bacteria from our body, as well as for the circulation of various nutrients within it. With this kind of massage, through gentle and rhythmic manipulations, we stimulate the lymph in such a way that we can increase it's flow up to  twenty times! Lymphatic drainage is the ideal treatment for detoxification and decongestion of the body internally and not superficially. It's your ally for a healthy balanced body. 


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