Shiatsu Therapist at Inner Hive Yoga Studio in Pagrati, Athens, Greece
Vangelis' treatments:

Shiatsu Therapy

Vangelis Platanitis

Vangelis was born in Athens and studied Informatic Technologies at the University of Piraeus. Since his school years, his desire to study humans was intense. He played basketball at an amateur level for many years, however some serious injuries led him to listen closely to his body, and ponder on what he could do to take care of it. HeI then found Shiatsu. 


In 2012, he started his Shiatsu training which lasted 3 years. Then one year of Chinese Medicine and Philosophy followed. He was a member of SETHS, an association of Shiatsu energy therapists. His purpose was to spread awareness of Shiatsu, through presentations and seminars, as well as the benefits that one can experience from this technique in their everyday life. Today, he is an active member of the Hellenic Shiatsu Society.


In summary, Shiatsu has helped him understand his physical body, its organs and its functions, listen to his emotions on a deeper level, as well as observe the ways the mind analyses and composes thought. Throughout this journey, he realised something that can only be described simply in one phrase: “Βody's stance can affect your outlook on life.