Vinyasa means to arrange something in a particular way. In these classes, the yoga asanas (postures) are linked to the breath, creating an energetic flow full of transitions and movement for strengthening the body and mind.

About Dimitra

Dimitra found her love of yoga while working in London as an architect around 2017, mainly to stop being a workaholic and secondly to improve her physical condition. it did not take much time to realise that yoga is more than a workout.  it is actually a lifestyle, a daily ritual  that she needed to make her re-invent what she had in mind as priorities in life. She started practising close to very well established teachers in London (Yogasana with Stewart Gilchrist & Dharma yoga with Emi Tull), the beats of Marcus Veda and rocket yoga. 

She soon attended the 200 hour teaching training with Marcus Veda and Hannah Whittingham in 2019, multiple seminars of Dharma yoga with Emi Tull and recently an anatomy course led by Rebecca Gogou in Athens 2021. 

Dimitra teaches dynamic vinyasa, with playful sequences inspired by the series of Rocket yoga. Her classes are a vigorous combination of breath and movement and they aim to activate particular parts of the body each time. For her, yoga extends beyond the physical postures (asanas) - it has become a passion and philosophy of life that wants to share with her students.

Dates & Prices

Every Monday

20.00 - 21.15 

Price: 12.50 €​

This class will be held in Greek or English

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