In this experience, Bryony will guide you through this special Sunday session of Yin Yoga, guided meditation and Reiki Healing. 

Let her take you through a self healing yin sequence to find balance and quietness as you make space in your body and mind to reset for the week ahead. 

Yin yoga involves passive postures held between 3 - 10 mins using support of yogic props, allowing the body time to unwind and move deeper in towards yourself. 

Throughout the practise Bryony will be using Reiki energy and healing crystals to assist you in removing blocks and deepen into your relaxation.

Take healing into your own hands with this special Sunday session. 

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Date: Sunday 29.03.20

Time: 12:00 - 14:00


Price: 20€

18€ for Inner Hive students

This event will be in held in English


Limited spots available

Minimum of 6 participants
Full prepayment is needed by Thursday 26/03/20


Payment and Cancellation Policy:

  • Before 22th of March 100% refundable

  • After the 26th non refundable. 

For more information or to reserve your spot you can always call us: +30 2107512835

or email

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