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Brewing Tea
   60 mins · €111,00 

Blue Lotus Flower Tea Ceremony & Healing Session 

The Blue Lotus Flower Tea Ceremony is a serene and spiritual practice that dates back centuries, originating in ancient Egypt and other parts of the world. Blue lotus flowers have long been associated with relaxation, tranquillity, and spiritual enlightenment. The lotus being a symbol of wisdom helps to unlock our potential. A strong feminine energy is unleashed through the magic of the tea that helps to open our hearts and third-eye. 

During this session, one participates in the drinking of this powerful tea and allows it to show you what you need. Breathwork, meditation and then hands-on energetic healing from Bryony. 

This tea is for those who are ready to open themselves to themselves align the heart, the yoni and create deep healing. 

Bryony is a Master Reiki practitioner and is trained in a number of energetic practices such as Angelic Reiki, Crystal Healing and Vortex Healing. She is also able to access into the Akashic Records, with these modalities has developed her own technique to promote wellbeing. 

During her own self healing she remembered how to use the blue tea lotus  and was initiated to the share its healing properties at the temple of Delphi in Greece by the intergration of her own past life. 

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