All levels 

Suitable for everyone the teacher will give cues for all abilities 

Level 1

Suitable for beginners and those looking to focus on the foundations of yoga 

Level 1/2

An understanding of the basic postures is required in these classes

Level 2

A faster flowing class merged with challenging transitions. This class is suitable for those who have been practising for a while

Level 3

For experienced yogis. This is a physically demanding class that requires a firm knowledge of the practise

Vinyasa yoga class at Inner Hive Yoga Studio in Pagrati, Athens, Greece

Classes are only available in studio and via Live Streaming.

 Advance booking is required.


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Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa means to arrange something in a particular way. In these classes, the yoga asanas (postures) are linked to the breath, creating an energetic flow full of transitions and movement for strengthening the body and mind.

Yoga Flow

Enjoy this dynamic yet playful vinyasa flow style class that takes the traditional vinyasa layout with add sprinkles of spirituality.  This class will include meditation, pranayama and of course lots of movement through the classical yoga postures. 

Take this class to experience feelings of nourishment strength and balance.

Mobility Yoga Flow

A vinyasa yoga flow with a mobility twist!

This is a class designed to counteract the effects of a sedentary lifestyle with a focus on creating better range of motion in your joints, a stronger core and essentially a more flexible and stronger body. We will work through traditional elements of vinyasa yoga with sprinkles of mobility focused drills.

Flexibility = The range of motion at a joint.

Mobility = The ability to move efficiently/effectively.

Yogasana Vinyasa

A vigorously invigorating vinyasa flow. Deeply physical but also spiritual, these high energy classes will include music and hands-on adjustments. For those with a strong practice.


Expect to sweat your way through fast-paced vinyasa flow, you will challenge your stamina but leave feeling rejuvenated, energised and connected with your inner self. 


Can't make it to a live stream class? 

Check out our pre-recorded classes to practise anywhere, anytime