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Inner Hive 

These are classes that are run by the Inner Hive Team and can be booked through our website. These are in the green boxes.

External Facilitators 

These are classes run by external teachers and can be booked directly through the event/class facilitator. These classes are in purple boxes.

All Levels

Suitable for everyone with options available to suit all levels of experience.

Level 2+

A faster flowing class merged with challenging transitions. This class is suitable for those who have been practising for a while and requires previous knowledge of the practise. 

Vinyasa yoga class at Inner Hive Yoga Studio in Pagrati, Athens, Greece
Class Descriptions

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa means to arrange something in a particular way. In these classes, the yoga asanas (postures) are linked to the breath, creating an energetic flow full of transitions and movement for strengthening the body and mind. This open level class is suitable to anyone from any background and with any experiene. Vinyasa classes tend to include a dynamic aspect of movement so expect to experience some heat in the body as the teacher guides you through the class. Each class will focus on bringing an equilibrium of strength and flexibility into the student's physical body as well as mental, emotional and spiritual.

Yogasana Vinyasa

A vigorously invigorating vinyasa flow. Deeply physical but also spiritual, these high energy classes will include music and hands-on adjustments. For those with a strong practice.


Expect to sweat your way through fast-paced vinyasa flow, you will challenge your stamina but leave feeling rejuvenated, energised and connected with your inner self. 

Gentle Morning  Flow

Gentle morning Yoga flow is a vinyasa based class and sequence to create full body brightness to get you ready for the day ahead. This class is designed to open you up without burning you out, leaving you fully energised for your day ahead. It includes flow movement, stretching, strengthening and breath-work.

All levels are welcome, but focuses on less advance postures. 

Dynamic Hatha Flow 

Dynamic form of yoga connects movement with breathing in a flow. In Dynamic yoga, we emphasise continuous flow, strength - enhancing postures and breath control to improve our physical condition and gain a deeper mind-body connection. If you want to escape from your daily routine and test your limits, then the Dynamic yoga class is for you. 


Pilates is a method of movement to help improve your posture, muscle awareness, train your centre and use breath-work giving an overall workout to mind and body. 

This class has a contemporary approach to pilates and maintains the intention of movement given to Pilates with focus on the postural and muscular deficits given to us through our fast paced lives. This method challenges the body through stability and mobility movements so that your body can be more effective doing all other forms of movement. 

Dance Therapy 

This group aims to provide a framework of somatic exploration and expansion of the personal movement vocabulary as well as the self- expression and creativity enhancement through the use of verbal and non -verbal means such as movement, art- making and vocals.


Participants focus on physical sensations, allowing movement to be ignited from their body rather than mind, thus reinforcing the sense of embodiment and comfort  seeking movement. 


Can't make it to class? 
Check out our pre-recorded classes to practise anywhere, anytime

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