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Energy Healing
   50 mins · €55,00 

Energy Session

An energy session consists of bringing around clearing and inner healing and promotes feelings of relaxation. In the energy sessions one is lying down and Bryony will use various methods to aid the person depending on what their energetic body tells her. She starts by using crystals placing them on the body and around the body to bring the chakra system in to balance, after which she begins channeling energy depending on what one needs and is ready to receive. Sometimes she receives vision and sometimes not, it is all about what the person needs in the moment.


Bryony is a Master Reiki practitioner and is trained in a number of energetic practices such as Angelic Reiki, Crystal Healing and Vortex Healing. She is also able to access into the Akashic Records, with these modalities has developed her own technique to promote wellbeing. 

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