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Breathwork & Sound Vol 3

Gear up for a groundbreaking experience at the upcoming Breath & Sound Vol.3 Event in the early days of 2024. This exceptional event seamlessly blends the practice of breathwork with the therapeutic influence of sound waves.

Picture the impact as deliberate breathing patterns synchronize with resonant sound waves, leading to a scientifically proven elevation in awareness and relaxation. This event is not your typical wellness gathering; it's a unique opportunity to explore the tangible benefits of combining breath and sound for a journey towards improved

Mark your calendar and get ready to delve into the simplicity and effectiveness of this extraordinary fusion.

Breathing techniques and sound vibrations offer various benefits for individuals. Here are five points highlighting how these techniques can be advantageous:

Sound therapy can help you:


  • Regulate your nervous system

  • Soften’ a restless mind

  • Feel more present and connected

  • Surface memories, images and insights

  • Facilitate physical, mental and emotional release (eg muscle tension)

Breathwork can help you:

  • Relax and reduce stress

  • Improve mental clarity and focus

  • Enhance physical performance

  • Improve immune function

  • Enhance respiratory efficiency

What people have said:

"The experience with Eleni was truly a gift and a beautiful surprise that came into my life at a difficult time and helped me overcome some personal limitations"

“Argie was a fantastic instructor from start to finish. He managed to strike such a wonderful balance between conducting himself and the workshop with the highest degree of professionalism whilst being warm, open and incredibly caring to all the participants. It takes a special person and great gift to be able to put people at ease and guide them so well in the process of learning and discovery. I cannot recommend him highly enough and look forward
to attending some future workshops and/or events with him.”

Dates & Prices


Dates:   Sunday 21st of January 2024

Time: 11.00- 13.00


Price:   €35 per person 

Limited places available

This event will be held in  English

Bookings can be made through @breathplus_  @alma.sound 

or by

argie sound 2.jpg

Meet Your Faciliatators

About Argie Zakaria:
Meet Argie, a dedicated water sports enthusiast and instructor who finds joy in exploring the outdoors and embarking on thrilling adventures. A change of path in 2016 where he moved to the city and got an office job, led him to discover the world of freediving, yoga, and meditation as a means to stay centered and manage stress.

As he delved deeper into the realm of breathing techniques, Argie found himself drawn to the Wim Hof Method. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he decided to commit fully to the practice and was amazed by the positive impact it had on his wellbeing. Inspired by his experience, he decided to pursue formal training and became a qualified WHM instructor, eager to share his knowledge and help others unlock the potential of this powerful method. During 2022, Argie completed the Pranayama Teacher Training under Eddie Stern and the Yoga Education Collective and in 2023 became a certified Oxygen Advantage instructor. He continues to study different breathing protocols to this day.

 About Eleni

Eleni Stefanou founded Alma Sound following her training with the British Academy of Sound Therapy, where she
completed her Practitioner Level Diploma.
She follows a method that combines low and medium-tone sounds to produce a grounding effect that can relieve the
nervous system and activate ideas and insights. This form of therapy has its roots in ancient practices and has been
validated by scientists studying the human auditory system, who have confirmed that certain sounds can wash away
stress and physical tension. Sound therapy taps into this wisdom by using enduring instruments such as the
Himalayan bowls, gong and drum to create a deeply restorative effect.

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