Have you ever wondered what this yoga is really about?

Have you felt something in class and had a feeling you wanted to know more, heard yogic words that you want to understand with more depth? Then perhaps you are in the right place.

In this top 10 yoga teacher training of 2022 as featured by book retreats lead by  Bryony Giboin in partnership with  Inner Hive you will be guided to embrace a deep understanding of what yoga is and how to embody the teachings and philosophy to change your life. Integrating the modern physical practise with the traditional roots of Hatha yoga this course will teach you how to become the best version of your self and facilitator of yoga for all. 

This training is for you, if you are ready to be the change.   

250 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training 
October 2022 - February 2023

Through this course you will learn

Basic Anatomy -

We will cover all of your anatomy needs, from the skeletal system to the respiration system, muscular and functions. We learn about injuries and how to protect ourselves and our students and much much more! 

Yoga Philosophy -

An in depth study will take place as we look at the history of yoga, learn about Pantanjali and the Yoga sutras and other eastern philosophies. 

Yoga History -

We will explore the origins of yoga and all the religious influences and key figure heads that created yoga as we know it today.


​Asana -

We will cover the postures, break them down look at the correct alignment of each asana, how to safely approach postures, how to teach modifications, how the postures benefit the body, mind and subtle body and much more. 


​Pranayama -

We will spend time learning basic pranayama and how to teach it and its healing benefits. 

Meditation -

We will join in group meditation every day and we will learn lots of different styles and practises.

Teaching Skills -

Such as voice tone, setting the scene and more

Adjustments  -

We will spend time learning about adjustments how to safely perform them and different techniques. 

Sequencing -

Applying all of the anatomy and philosophy knowledge you will learn how to create extremely safe and creative sequences.


We will explore the modern world of yoga and talk about ways to run a successful yoga business. 

A typical day on the course

8 AM - Meditation & Asana Practise ​

10 AM - Philosophy Lecture

12 PM- Lunch

​13:30 PM - Yoga History

2:30 PM - Anatomy Lecture

​5 PM - Asana Lab

Attending this TT took me on a path I didn’t even know I wanted to take. The knowledge & experience of the teachers is only eclipsed by enthusiasm and passion for sharing and guiding you to grow. I looked for a teacher training and found the very best.

— IAN.

Apart from giving me the skills and confidence to guide people through their own yogic journey, this 200H TT has been an overall transformative experience and I could not recommend it more


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Your Teacher

Bryony's spiritual journey began when she packed her bags and took to traveling the world in her early 20's knowing there had to be more in life than working like she had be socially conditioned to do.  She commenced to letting herself learn from nature, different religions and civilisations, strangers and her spiritual teachers. It was at this time when she had been suffering from illness and depression, she took back her power and healed herself through the teachings of yoga and more profoundly meditation. 

Bryony has been working with the body for as long as she could walk having trained as a professional dancer, worked as an international celebrity fitness trainer and she is also a certified holistic life coach. It is upon the background that she has developed and is known for her strong dynamic yoga asana classes, that challenge and establish both mental and physical strength. Her classes are sweaty, fun and rich in tradition. She is known for her continuous studies and knowledge of the Yoga History and Philosophy and her passion for the philosophy of yoga is integrated in her classes as she feels the power of yoga moves beyond just the asana.

Bryony is soon to have over 1500 hours of yoga teacher training certification and she deeply believes that yoga can enhance and radically transform the lives of all those who choose to walk this path. 

Bryony Giboin

Whats Included? 

  • 250 hours Yoga Training Qualification

  • Meditation Classes

  • Pranayama Guidence

  • Understanding Mantra

  • Philosophy Lectures

  • Anatomy Lectures

  • Adjustment Workshops

  • Asana Lab

  • Manual

  • Unlimited Support!

What will you gain?

  • Tools to find balance in your life

  • Bodily strength and stillness

  • Mental strength and clarity of thought

  • Disciple of mind and body

  • Inner awareness

  • Deeper self connection 

  • Confidence in self

  • Confidence to lead a safe yoga class

  • A firm understanding and knowledge of yoga philosophy 

  • Knowledge of anatomy and how it helps you sequence for each body

  • New friends for life

  • Lots of experiences and memories!

  • A life changing experience

You will Learn

  • Yoga Philosophy

  • Yoga History

  • Yoga Anatomy 

  • Yoga Asana Adjustments

  • Pranayama & Meditation

  • Yoga Asana Alignments

  • Yoga Sequencing

Dates & Prices

This training will take place over a series of weekends from 8am - 6pm

  • October 8th/9th 2022

  • October 22nd/23rd 2022

  • November 5th/6th 2022

  • November 19th/20th 2022

  • December 3rd/4th 2022

  • December 17th/18th 2022

  • January 7th/8th 2022

  • January 21st/22nd 2022

  • 1 week intensive 30th of January - 5th of February 2023

Price: €2500

Deposits are 25% and due at the time of booking.

Final payments due 60 days before training begins.

Payment and Cancellation Policy:

  • Deposit is 0% refundable

This event will be held in English