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50 HR Certified

 Elemental Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Peloponnese September 2024

Become a Yin Yoga Teacher This September

In the world we live in, we often get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We become so focused on achieving our goals and reaching new heights that we forget to take care of our inner selves. This is where yin yoga comes in. It is a form of yoga that allows us to slow down and find balance within ourselves.

In the upcoming teacher training led by Bryony Giboin, we will delve deeper into the practice of yin yoga. We will learn how to create more balance in our lives by practicing passive postures that help to calm and balance our minds and bodies. This style of yoga is especially important for those who find themselves burnt out or exhausted from their yang-inspired practice.

Through this course, we will learn the traditional yin postures and how to teach them, as well as how to use props to modify the postures for different body types. We will also explore the ancient Chinese meridians and how they affect our bodies, learning how to sequence our practice around these meridians to promote more balance within.

This course is open to anyone with an existing yoga practice, regardless of whether or not you have completed a 200-hour teacher training. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or just starting out, this course is the perfect opportunity to deepen your practice and find balance through yin yoga. Join us this September in Greece to discover the power of yin yoga for yourself.

Through this yoga teacher training you will learn:

  • Yin Postures 

      We will explore the traditional yin postures and how they are different to our yang yoga experience. New names, new ways of approaching them and experience while in them. 

  • Props

      A beautiful aspect of yin yoga is learning how to fit the posture to your individual needs of the moment. by using props we can bring the posture to us instead of fitting into a posture, we fit the posture to ourselves. 

  • Pranayama

          We will learn 4 different breathing exercises that help to balance the mind and reduce tension and stress 

  • Meditation 

          We will join in group mindful meditation every day

  • Subtle body

         We will look into the subtle body discovering the chakras system and which yin postures help with certain chakras

  • Meridian Theory 

          Diving into a basic understanding of TCM and the meridians. Where they are, how certain postures can help balance the meridians and our wellbeing

  • Teaching Skills 

          Learning Bryony's approach to yin yoga, when to speak, how to guide people through the practise and how to find your inner teaching voice

  • Savasana Adjustments  

         Of course we learn how to share Bryony's famous savasana assists!              

  • Sequencing 

          Applying all of the elemental and meridian information we will learn how to sequence a yin yoga class for ultimate wellbeing

"Attending to this TT made me not only learn a LOT about yoga, its history, philosophy,  and how to teach it.. but also a very deep internal knowledge that is also very important when it comes to becoming a good teacher. It was much more than I expected, an incredible and transformative experience that I recommend if you are looking to find yourself and grow not only as a person but also as a future yoga teacher. And the training is just the beginning of an incredible journey that will lead you to incredible things, I am on that path now and I can not be happier than the incredible opportunities it has offered me."

-Maria P 200 Hour 2022

Meet your teacher and book a free call to answer any questions!

A typical day on the course

AM - Hatha Yoga Practise​

AM - Meditation & Pranayama 

AM - Breakfast​​

PM - Meridian Theory

​PM - Lunch & Break

PM - Posture Lab

PM- Yin Yoga Practise

PM - Dinner & Personal Time

Questions about the training?

Attending this TT took me on a path I didn’t even know I wanted to take. The knowledge & experience of the teachers is only eclipsed by enthusiasm and passion for sharing and guiding you to grow. I looked for a teacher training and found the very best.

— IAN. ytt 2021

Apart from giving me the skills and confidence to guide people through their own yogic journey, this 200H TT has been an overall transformative experience and I could not recommend it more

— SOFIA. Ytt 2021

The Setting

Heading back to our favourite venue, this yin training will be held in the tranquil space of ReGreen.

Re-Green is built with healing and connecting to Gaia as its core belief, a truth we hold dear to our hearts. The venue is located in the mountainous countryside of the northern Peloponnese in Seliana, a picturesque village on the mountains of Achaia and a 2 hour car ride from the centre of Athens. 

"Our intention is for our guests to come in contact and connection with nature since we believe that Nature is the ultimate Teacher, Mother and Healer. We dreamed of this place being a place of healing, of connection with the Earth and the Spirit. ”

Incredible community, people and food ReGreen is a permaculture centre and the perfect place to unwind and learn all things yin. Everyone who we take to ReGreen always wants to stay and we can't wait to share this place with you too! 

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Your Teacher

Bryony's spiritual journey began when she packed her bags and took to traveling the world in her early 20's knowing there had to be more in life than working like she had be socially conditioned to do.  She commenced to letting herself learn from nature, different religions and civilisations, strangers and her spiritual teachers. It was at this time when she had been suffering from illness and depression, she took back her power and healed herself through the teachings of yoga and more profoundly meditation. 

Bryony has been a student of yoga for 18 years and has been working with the body for as long as she could walk having trained as a professional dancer, worked as an international celebrity fitness trainer and she is also a certified holistic life coach.  She is known for her continuous studies and knowledge of the Yoga History and Philosophy and her passion for the philosophy of yoga is integrated in her classes as she feels the power of yoga moves beyond just the asana.

Bryony has over 1500 hours of yoga teacher training certification and she deeply believes that yoga can enhance and radically transform the lives of all those who choose to walk this path. 

Bryony Giboin founder of Yogabstudio
Course Director E-RYT 500


We understand that knowing your teachers for your course is the most important thing, so let's schedule a free call to get to know each other better!

"Learning the ins and outs of Yoga in the Greek mountains was a dream for me, but having a teacher who is so passionate really made our training so unique. I learned not only about yoga philosophy, anatomy & asana’s, I discovered more about myself in the space of a month than I have in my whole life. Whether you want to become a teacher or just deepen your practice, this is an experience you’ll never forget.

Bryony was so in depth, willing to hear all of our questions, perspectives about the topics which made learning every day even more fun. Bryony is a true inspiration and I will never forget what she taught me. She helped me push my boundaries and become a more confident person. 

She is not only incredibly knowledgeable, she’ll have you crying with laughter outside of training hours. She is truly a ball of joy.


Believe me you won’t regret your first YTT if you choose yogaBstudio! "-Rachel G 200 H 2022

Whats Included? 

  • 50 hours Yin Yoga Training Qualification

  • Understanding Yin Postures

  • Pranayama Guidence

  • Meridian Theory Lectures

  • Yin Postures Workshops

  • Props Lab

  • Manual

  • Yoga Alliance Certification* For those with 200 Hour YA

  • Certification for those without YA

  • Unlimited Support!

  • Board at ReGreen

  • Full use of venue 

  • Vegetarian Breakfast 

  • Vegetarian Lunch

  • Vegetarian Dinner

  • Fruits Tea & Coffee

  • Goody bag

What will you gain?

  • Tools to find balance in your life

  • Body and mind stillness

  • Mental strength and clarity of thought

  • Inner awareness

  • Deeper self connection 

  • Confidence to lead a safe yin yoga class

  • A firm understanding and knowledge of yin yoga postures 

  • Knowledge of how to use props to assist

  • New friends for life

  • Lots of experiences and memories!

  • A life changing experience

You will Learn

  • 18 Yin Yoga Postures

  • Variations of those postures

  • Prop use for each posture 

  • Pranayama & Meditation - How to teach 4 types of pranayama 

  • Which postures stimulate which meridians

  • Which postures stimulate which chakras

  • Yoga Sequencing - How to create an elemental yin yoga class

  • How to become a great teacher unique to your own voice

Dates & Prices

Arrival date and welcome meeting the 8th of September 2024  

Course begins the 8th of September 2024

Completion date 15th of September 2024


Shared room in a four bedroom = 1440 Euro - Only one room left

Shared room in a three bedroom = 1590 Euro 

Shared room in double bedroom = 1690 Euro

Private room = 1800 Euro - Sold Out

Vat is included in all prices. 

To secure your place a non refundable deposits is required of 30% of the total.

Payment Plans are available.

After the deposit - an agreed upon amount can be paid upon each month to make it up to full amount. 

This event will be held in English

Bryony's passion and knowledge of yoga, the history, the philosophy, anatomy and alignment is incredible.  

Bryony’s approach was unique, and fun. She found interesting and creative ways to help us through the more challenging areas of the training, she pushed us when we needed to be pushed, held us when we needed to be held and truly helped us to get the most out of the training.

Her manual was great and very accessible, as were all the books we used. She was able to explain the philosophy and depths of yoga in a way in which we could all understand and was always willing, and available, to answer questions. She helped us all to develop confidence and belief in ourselves when teaching. I


can’t imagine a better 200 hour yoga teacher training, or a better way to start my career as a yoga teacher. I would highly recommend YogaBstudio to any yogi or yogini who wants a fully immersive, transformative, and well-structured training. You will come out knowledgeable and prepared whether you want to teach or simply take your personal practice to the next level. - Steph C 

Ready to Sign up? Then contact us today for booking information!

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